What cause a muscle to feel tight? Should I stretch?

I get asked almost daily about muscle tightness or stretching. Stretching has a certain place in our culture that’s up there with juice cleanses as a supposed elixir of life. Something tight, or hurting? Stretch it out! Need a morning routine, warm up routine, or cool down routine? Let’s throw in some stretching. Have a new injury? Must be from some tight muscles. Right?

Well… maybe. As always, the truth is complicated. The sensation of muscle tightness, or needing to stretch a muscle, is actually a complex neurological phenomenon.

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The Keto Diet: The Truth Will Set You Free, But...

“The truth will set you free… but first it will piss you off”- Gloria Steinem (Made more famous by Pharrel and Rihanna)

Today I am diving into waters that I have previously ran from like the plague. Whenever I see and hear crazy hype about the newest diet on social media and podcasts, I inherently cringe and want to go hide under a rock. Why? Because I know that I’ll see friends, family members, patients, and random people on the street trying that newest diet, and then asking me if I, too, think that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. But as it turns out, I still love bread (slices or otherwise), and today, I feel compelled to write this post. We’re going deep about the ketogenic diet. We’re going to discuss real biochemistry and science. I’m going to cite peer reviewed scientific literature. And most importantly, we’ll discuss, as we always do, how you can practically eat and truly BE healthy in the real world. Here. We. Go.

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Let's Talk Pro, bro

As as Registered Dietitian and athlete of the most frequent questions I am asked by my clients, gym mates, friends, family and strangers is, “Should I be using protein powder, if so which one?!”. Just kidding strangers don’t actually ask me this... because that would be weird. But everyone else does. So here is my long answer in a big nutshell.

But first, what is protein?

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EVOLVE Flagstaff Physical Therapy Manifesto

EVOLVE Flagstaff was created to help our community avoid injury and disease, and to do what they love, for life. Our team is driven to help you reach your potential, which is not possible if you are hurting, cannot move the way you want, or are not nourishing your body well with the proper foods and lifestyle habits.

EVOLVE Flagstaff physical therapy operates differently than a standard physical therapy clinic. This manifesto outlines our standards of care and thought process. We will strive to provide this level of care to every patient, every time.

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Strength Training 101

Strength training is one of the most research-based and powerful tools available to us to increase longevity, improve performance, reduce injury risk, alter body composition, and improve overall health, However, strength training is often misunderstood or not implemented properly. It can be intimidating, or cause pain if not done properly. This is the first in a series of posts that will attempt to dispel some common myths or areas of confusion.

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Brian Kinslow
Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work - And What To Do Instead

It’s no secret: most New Year’s resolutions don’t succeed. Across the country, gyms fill up on January 1, only to empty back out by the end of the month. A study showed that the two most common New Year’s resolutions are “Eat healthier” and “Get more exercise.” These were closely followed by “Save more money,” and “Focus on self-care (e.g, get more sleep).”

While these are great ideas, results are pretty terrible: On average, only 8% of people succeed at their New Year’s resolution.

Holy crap! 8%! That’s even worse than a random roll of the dice! How can we do better?

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Brian Kinslow
G.I Issues: Athlete Edition

Warning! We will be dropping the D bomb in this article (diarrhea) and talking about very normal bodily functions. If you are squeamish… deal with it, especially if you are having gastrointestinal (GI) issues during exercise. 

If you are an athlete, then I’m sure that you have experienced some sort of discomfort with your gut during training. This is the most common complaint that we get from our athletes. There are horror stories of jumping behind the nearest tree and using your favorite sock to manage the aftermath. Or, going out for a long Sunday ride and battling your breakfast so you don’t have it for round two. Unfortunately, many of us have stories of our own and many athletes assume this is part of their sport. Because your hardcore, right?

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Abby Chan