EVOLVE Teens: Functional Movement and Fitness Program for Teens

EVOLVE Teens adapts our proven adult-focused Performance Training program to teenagers. It is a twice per week program designed to improve the overall fitness of high school students. The program is based on the following principles:

  1. Functional, foundational movement patterns: Teaching teenagers correct movement technique helps to prevent injuries while maximizing overall fitness. Mastering movement patterns such as squatting, lunging, hip hinging, pushing, and pulling leads creates a powerful foundation for health and fitness into adulthood.

  2. Movement technique and safety are always prioritized before intensity. At all stages of the program, technique and safety are more important than heavy loading or excessive speed. The best technique is always the safest.

  3. Exercise and fitness should be fun and engaging. This helps to establish exercise as a positive lifelong habit.

  4. Create an environment that rewards consistency and hard work. Skills learned in the gym carry over to the rest of life. Results come with consistent effort over time, and hard work is more predictive of success than natural talent.

  5. Use proven techniques to reduce injury risk and create powerful results. All programming is directed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Each workout contains exercises to improve joint stability, coordination, balance, and mobility.

Class Schedule: Workouts are on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3 - 4pm.


Spring Semester: February 4 - May 29, 2019, every Monday/Wednesday at 3pm. No class the week of FUSD spring break (March 18 and 20). We will be hosting summer and fall sessions as well; dates TBD.

Cost: $300 per teen; $250 for multiple siblings enrolled. This works out to less than $10 per workout class. The cost will be prorated by $20 per week for late sign-ups. We will accept sign-ups until we fill the class.

Class Size: Limited to 8 students.

Who is this program for?

The EVOLVE Teen program is for high school age students. Where other strength programs are designed exclusively for team sport athletes, the EVOLVE program is designed to elevate all young adults. This includes teens who participate in traditional team sports, but also teens who are involved in other activities, such as biking or climbing, and those who do not participate in other activities.

Most teens fall into one of three categories:

1) Participate in sports or other activities. While these teens are often active, their activity goes through big swings depending on the sport season. Their movement patterns are also specific to the sport. Both of these factors leave them open to injury risk. Improving movement patterns, coordination, control, strength, and endurance can improve performance and decrease injury risk.

2) Begin going to the gym on their own. However, most stereotypically for males, they focus on the “show muscles.” This often means excessive bench press, bicep curls, and potentially dangerous ab exercises. While some exercise is better than none, these teens could greatly benefit from proper coaching and instruction in the weight room.

3) Not overly active. These teens may not connect with traditional team sports or other athletic activities. For these individuals, male and female, finding an active outlet in the gym can be incredibly fulfilling and empowering. It is a way to exercise that does not inherently involve competition with others, but rather a focus on self improvement. Many introverted teens develop newfound confidence with a proper fitness and gym program.

The EVOLVE team program is a great fit for all of these categories of teens, and everyone in between. For athletes, improving functional movement patterns and fitness will greatly benefit sport performance and reduce injury risk. For those not involved in athletics, this program will teach a method of exercise that is healthy, fun, effective, and can continue beyond high school into adulthood. The methods used in this program will also help to reduce the risk of pain and injury among all participants. At this time, participation is limited to high school students only.

What does a typical workout look like?

  • Specialized activation routine and warm up designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy to prepare for the workout and reduce injury risk. This includes many preventative exercises targeting the shoulders, hips, and core, to reduce the risk of common injuries.

  • Compound lower body exercise, usually some variation of a squat, lunge, or hip hinge.

  • Compound upper body exercise, usually some variation of pushing or pulling.

  • Motor control or plyometric drills, used to decrease injury risk factors and improve balance, coordination, or power.

  • Core exercise designed to increase muscle strength, endurance, and control around the trunk.

  • Accessory movements, which are specific to individual movement patterns, injuries, and goals.

  • Bout of cardiovascular exercise, often in the form of high intensity intervals (this is often omitted for endurance athletes).

Are there any other program benefits? We’re glad you asked! As an additional benefit at no extra cost, Director of Performance and Rehabilitation and Doctor of Physical Therapy, Brian Kinslow will provide 15-minute screenings of any participant injuries, aches, or pain. He will then make recommendations for management that could include: further physical therapy treatment, individualized modifications to the workout program, or referral for further evaluation. Additionally, all program participants will receive a 10% discount on all 1-on-1 EVOLVE Flagstaff physical therapy and nutrition services.

Is it safe for teenagers to participate in strength training? YES! Research clearly shows that improving movement patterns, muscle strength and endurance, and overall fitness can have a profound effect on teenage mental and physical development, with benefits lasting long into adulthood. All of our classes are age-appropriate, and follow a progressive model, so participants do not lift something too heavy or do a movement that is too complex before they are ready. We do everything we can do make sure that each participant will be working at the level that is right for them.

How do I get started? Email brian@evolveflg.com or call (928) 793-6237.