Healthcare is incredibly complicated, and too often centered around reactive medications or surgeries. We want to help you cut through the noise, and take a proactive, preventative and holistic approach to your health.

1.combining disciplines

The vast majority of injuries, illnesses and diseases can be treated effectively, or avoided altogether, with an appropriate blend of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits. We couldn't find this approach to healthcare anywhere in our community, so we decided to create it ourselves. Our goal is to help you use these tools to feel great and do what you love, for life.

2. Time

Most healthcare providers operate in a constant blur, seeing dozens of patients a day. We think healthcare needs to slow down, not speed up. All of our physical therapy and dietitian appointments are 1-1, with no tasks delegated to assistants or aides. We are able to spend more time with you, and more time thinking about how to get you to your goals.

3. Clarity and transparency

There's nothing worse than trying to make sense of doctors' charges, deciphering "Explanation of Benefits" letters, or getting a huge bill that you didn't expect. That will never happen here. We are out-of-network with all insurance providers, and charge a flat fee at the time of service. We truly believe that by stepping outside of established health insurance models, we can provide you with better care, more clarity, and ultimately lower costs in the long run. We do accept Health Savings Accounts, and can provide a detailed billing receipt for you to submit an out-of-network claim. Learn more here.