"My knee hasn't been the same since surgery. It's been 5 years since surgery, but it's still part of my life."

"I know this sounds weird, but it's like my knee, like that entire leg, feels foreign to me."

"I don't trust my knee like I used to. I'm afraid it's going to give out on me."

Don't give up hope!

We help people get their lives back after knee injuries and knee surgeries. Whether your goal is to play with your kids without fear, to return to playing soccer, or to run a marathon without pain, we want to help you get there. We dive deeper than anyone else does into what contributes to knee pain and dysfunction. We will work with you to systematically address each factor, helping you to build a set of bombproof, pain-free knees. 

Believe it or not, it is incredibly common for people to not fully recover from knee injuries or surgeries, no matter how big or small. Even with months of traditional physical therapy and rehabilitation, many individuals never feel the same, even years down the road.

Because knee injuries and surgical repairs are complex injuries. Although surgeons use words like "we'll just go in there and clean that up," or "we'll release over here, then fix it back into place there," knees are not as simple as woodworking projects. All knee injuries, especially traumatic injuries and subsequent surgical repairs, affect the knee joint surfaces, ligamentous and synovial capsule integrity, range of motion, soft tissue quality, muscle activation, distal feedforward/feedback mechanisms, central motor control processing, balance, proprioception, and, of course, pain.

We've found that most rehabilitation protocols are incomplete, often skipping what we see as foundational steps. As you've probably experienced, a general or scattershot approach just doesn't work. The key is to systematically address all of the factors involved in your knee health, stability, and performance. Check out the video above to understand more about our process.

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I have suffered two entire knee reconstructions in both legs, only a year or so removed from one another. Very violent knee injuries that required one to even have pins to keep structured. I’ve worked with great doctors, and even better therapists over the course of 3 or 4 years and just in the short time I spent with Brian allowed me to gain feeling in my leg that I haven’t experienced since the day of surgery.
— Levi D.