Physical Therapy Open Clinic

What is Open Clinic?

Open Clinic is a benefit available to all members at EVOLVE Flagstaff. It is a designated time in the gym, that the physical therapist (Brian) are present, and has 15 minute time slots for members. During these times, members can check in, and address any concerns related to past or current musculoskeletal issues or injuries. These appointments are free of charge, and must be scheduled ahead of time. You will need to fill out a short form online, which will be emailed to you, upon scheduling before coming to your scheduled time

How do I schedule an Open Clinic appointment?

Simple! Click here to schedule an Open Clinic appointment, or speak to any of your EVOLVE team members.

Why should I schedule an Open Clinic appointment?

Open PT Clinic is intended for the screening of pain/injuries, to advise on self management of the issue, and to modify your training program. There are several reasons to schedule an open clinic visit. Some examples of these reasons include: You have noticed a pain or discomfort during a certain lifting movement, or you have noticed that sometimes you wake up with a dull aching pain somewhere, or you feel you have restricted motion in a joint or muscle. Once you are seen for this type of symptom, the PT will assist you with determining your plan of care progressing forward. It could be that you just have to add a corrective exercise into your program, or integrate some other self-management strategies into your routine.

Open Clinic is not a substitute for full physical therapy evaluation and treatment, which includes more extensive assessment and testing, hands-on manual therapy, gait analysis (if indicated), and targeted management of pain and issues. A full visit will be advised if your recommended self management and changes to your training program do not resolve your symptoms, or if you have been seen in open clinic for the same concern 3 or more times. A full visit will likely also be more beneficial if you have severe symptoms that are preventing you from being physically active, coming in to the gym, working, or normal daily activities. You would schedule an “initial physical therapy evaluation.”

If you cannot find a time that works for you for either Open Clinic or an initial evaluation, or if you feel your issue is more urgent, please reach out to a member of the EVOLVE team to be seen sooner if possible by Dr. Brian Kinslow.

Strategy and Goal Sessions

What is a Strategy and Goal Session?

A Strategy and Goal Session is another benefit included with your Performance Training Membership. It is a 20-minute, one-on-one appointment with our head strength coach, Derek Sims. During this time, you can discuss and reflect on your training goals, training program, consistency, motivation, and other lifestyle factors such as sleep and stress than affect your results and outcomes. After this meeting, will will create an updated training program for you that best fits your goals, schedule, and other individual factors.

How do I schedule a Strategy and Goal Session?

Simple! Click here to schedule a Strategy and Goal Session, or speak to any of your EVOLVE team members.

Why should I schedule a Strategy and Goal Session?

Look, it can be difficult to stay motivated and follow an appropriate training program throughout an entire year, let alone over the course of several years or a lifespan. There are a lot of factors that come into play: your goals in and out of the gym, time available to exercise, activities and exercise that you enjoy or dislike, the current phase of your career or family life, injuries and injury history, training experience, equipment and exercise selection, periodization and progression over time, consistency, motivation, and many more. This stuff is hard, and that’s what we are here for — to help! We try our absolute hardest to set up the best program for you, but that “best program” is created at one point in time, and it will necessarily have to evolve and shift over time.

Strategy and Goal Sessions are designed to help with this murky process. It’s a time to sit down with your coach, reflect, and chart an updated path forward. We recommend doing them every 3 months, or when you are feeling “stuck,” unmotivated, or inconsistent with your training and healthy behaviors. Usually you don’t just need to “try harder,” but instead have an updated plan that better fits your needs.

During these sessions, your strength coach will also be assessing for other needs that will help you achieve your goals, such as physical therapy for pain or injuries, or nutrition counseling to improve your health and recovery.

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    Week 2: Decreasing sugar-sweetened beverages

    Week 3: Mindfulness - 30 minute meals and understanding the reasons why you eat

    Week 4: Building Blocks - balancing meals with carbs, fiber, fat, and protein

    Week 5: Carbohydrates - whole grains only 

    Week 6: Micronutrients vitamins and minerals - making 80% of your eating occasions include at least 1/2 a plate of vegetables

    Week 7: Protein - meeting your daily protein needs

    Week 8: Fats - obtaining fats from whole food sources and reducing the processed or unhealthy fats on the "X" list

    Week 9: Create "go-to" meals so you can succeed even when life is busy (see below)

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