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You won't find any cliché advice, fad diets or generic blog posts here. Our nutrition services are personalized to you, driven by research-proven behavioral change strategies, and delivered by a Registered Dietitian.

Our Registered Dietitian can help with the following:

  • Resolve GI and stomach distress or discomfort

  • Manage fatigue, energy, and hunger levels

  • Improve your ability to eat intuitively and have a positive relationship to food and your own body

  • Build bulletproof nutrition habits and stop cycles of crash dieting, detoxes, and weight loss/gain.

  • Increase athletic performance using real food.

  • Manage diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol with evidence-based nutrition strategies

  • Uncover and live with food allergies / sensitivities

Assist with the treatment of disordered eating habits

Registered Dietitians (RDN) are the only licensed nutrition provider, have extensive education in nutrition science, and 1,200 of supervised clinical practice with other experienced RDNs. RDNs are credentialed professionals who have put the time in to learn and distill all things nutrition so that we can share the right knowledge and strategies with you. Here's an overview of our process. Learn more at our FAQ page.

There's no pill, single diet, or magical meal plan that will work for everyone. The "Lose 20 pounds in one week!!" approach is inevitably doomed to failure. Our process instead starts with defining and understanding the barriers that have been prevented you from finding joy in food. Diets don't create change, behaviors do. 

1. Identify Barriers

2. Break Barriers

In a world of overwhelming information overload, it's difficult to find clarity through the noise. Rather than simply giving you more facts to try to adhere to, we'll instead use long-term behavioral change strategies to systematically overcome your barriers. Our goal isn't a quick fix, but rather to give you a set of tools that will help you to build bulletproof health and nutrition habits.

3. Keep Evolving

From day one, we will hit the ground running with small changes that will impact your entire life. But we'll also keep the big picture in mind. Change is hard, but small daily habits layer upon themselves to get you to your goals and beyond.

Abby really helped me as an ultra-runner and recovering anorexia nervosa patient. We refined my eating habits to be more normalized and aid me in feeling stronger. Abby is kind, caring, and can relate to struggles one may have as an athlete, or [having an] eating disorder, and caters the program so that it is doable, not intimidating, and works towards recovery as a whole.
— B.K