Strength Training Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when to increase or decrease the weight that I am lifting

How to differentiate between pain and soreness?

How you do anything is how you do everything (or, how your work in the gym should carry over into your life)

Nutrition Foundation Program

  • Week 1: Water - meet your daily water requirements

    Week 2: Decreasing sugar-sweetened beverages

    Week 3: Mindfulness - 30 minute meals and understanding the reasons why you eat

    Week 4: Building Blocks - balancing meals with carbs, fiber, fat, and protein

    Week 5: Carbohydrates - whole grains only 

    Week 6: Micronutrients vitamins and minerals - making 80% of your eating occasions include at least 1/2 a plate of vegetables

    Week 7: Protein - meeting your daily protein needs

    Week 8: Fats - obtaining fats from whole food sources and reducing the processed or unhealthy fats on the "X" list

    Week 9: Create "go-to" meals so you can succeed even when life is busy (see below)

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