EVOLVE Flagstaff is looking to hire a part time strength coach.

EVOLVE Flagstaff is looking for a dynamic and experienced coach who would primarily work with our amazing Performance Training clients. There will also be opportunities to help grow our programs as well. This individual would act as a pivotal team member in EVOLVE Flagstaff’s Performance Training Program, working in a dynamic environment alongside a Registered Dietitian and Doctor of Physical Therapy.

We are primarily looking for a candidate who has availability during our weekday morning (6am - 8:30am) and lunch (11:30am-1:30pm) gym shifts. This position will likely start at approximately 10 hours per week, with room to grow. To apply, please email brian@evolveflg.com with a resume and cover letter. Please review our website and become familiar with our philosophy, mission, and services prior to applying.

Key responsibilities and duties of the strength coach include:

  1. Implement the mission and core values for performance training at EVOLVE Flagstaff (see below).

  2. Operate and manage assigned gym hours with EVOLVE’s Performance Training clients.

  3. Facilitate an inclusive, community atmosphere among training clients.

  4. Support clients as needed with exercise technique instruction, workout modifications, and accountability.

  5. Assist Director of Performance Training with athlete and gym-wide programming.

  6. Communicate regularly with EVOLVE Flagstaff team about any client pain / injuries, nutrition concerns, programming concerns, need for program updates, and other concerns that arise.

  7. Attend team meetings to discuss: professional and coaching development, client concerns, gym scheduling and administration, etc.

  8. Participate in EVOLVE Flagstaff social media marketing and other marketing efforts, such as client meet-ups, workshops, and other events.

  9. Assist with management / cleaning of gym space and equipment.

  10. Other duties as may arise from time to time.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree required. Master’s degree preferred. Degree in athletic training, kinesiology, exercise science, or a related field preferred.

  2. Strength coaching certification. Preferred certifications include: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, CrossFit Level 2 or higher, USA Weightlifting.

  3. 2+ years experience in strength coaching, personal training, or group fitness instruction. Experience in both group and one-on-one settings preferred.

  4. Willing to work early mornings (6am), and possibly split shifts (mornings and evenings).

Desired Traits:

  1. Self-motivated, driven, and entrepreneurial.

  2. Exceptional writing, speaking, and overall communication skills.

  3. Capable of facilitating a dynamic training / gym environment.

  4. Expert in assessing and coaching movement, including bodyweight, barbell, and olympic lifting movements.

  5. Knowledgeable in strength and conditioning programming and periodization.

  6. Excited to work with individuals of varied backgrounds, from professional runners to clients new to health and fitness.

  7. Interested in pursuing a long-term career in the strength and conditioning, health, and fitness industry.

  8. Willing to learn, progress, and develop high-level expertise in coaching and program design.

  9. Responsible, punctual, and professional.

Compensation package includes:

  1. Market competitive hourly wage.

  2. Additional professional growth and earning opportunities for a self-motivated individual.

  3. Access to EVOLVE Flagstaff’s facility and programs.

  4. Annual stipend for professional development.

EVOLVE Flagstaff Mission and Values

“Do what you love, for life.”

EVOLVE Flagstaff Mission:

EVOLVE Flagstaff helps people to feel great and what they love, for life. We seek to help people overcome and prevent pain, injury, and illness, achieve the highest level of health and performance, and avoid chronic disease, surgeries, medications, and hospitalizations. We aim to provide a community atmosphere and wealth of resources to enable our clients to pursue healthy, active lifestyles, long term. EVOLVE Flagstaff also looks to be a leader in preventive and conservative healthcare, transforming our current system with new healthcare delivery models.

To do this, EVOLVE Flagstaff offers progressive, individualized strength and conditioning programs and direct-access physical therapy and nutrition services. However, we are always looking to improve, progress, and expand our offerings to better meet the needs of our clients.


  1. Constant improvement and learning - a craftsman approach

    • Always seek ways to improve our skill set

    • Gradual, consistent progress is more important than sporadic jumps

    • Master the basics before progressing

    • Long term development in both employees and clients

  2. Transparency and integrity

    • All costs are clear and transparent

    • Set up systems to incentivize quality of care and results before profits

    • Training and treatment are directed at achieving clear results

    • Over-deliver whenever possible

  3. Community

    • Optimal health and happiness can only exist within a supportive community

    • We hold each other accountable and encourage personal and community development

    • Complete inclusivity of all individuals regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, body type or size, or any other factor.

  4. Promotion of active, balanced lifestyles

    • When given the right stimuli, the human body has an incredible ability to heal and thrive

    • Proper nutrition and physical activity are central to overall health

    • Other essential elements of health include: Stress management, sleep, mental health, and social support.

    • EVOLVE Flagstaff strives to support and promote all of these elements.