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Performance Training Standards: How we progress our athletes over time

Central to our Performance Training program and thought process is progression: How to we make sure that you get from A to B? How to we develop an athlete over time to ensure that they are well-rounded, resilient, durable, and capable?

It's a tricky question, and many people have experienced problems from a lack of proper progression. These can include:

  • Improvements early in a program followed by a plateau.

  • Getting injured soon after started a program.

  • Excelling in one specific area or domain with little carryover or ability in others.

  • Fizzling out of a program because you didn't see "where it was going."

While we want to encourage exercise and physical activity in all of its shapes and forms -- our healthcare system would have much fewer issues if more people were more active -- at EVOLVE, we want to be more nuanced, and not simply exercise for the sake of exercise. A training program has a progression model in mind. It's easy to write a hard workout, but more challenging to adequately and appropriately challenge an athlete over time.

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